Subaru Vehicles are Good for Teens


If you have a teen driver, a Subaru is right for you. The safety pedigree of Subaru vehicles are what make them appealing to families, and Subarus have been recognized for their modern safety features and crash safety ratings. Recently, Subaru was named the safest car brand for teens by Consumer Reports and IIHS.


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Enjoy the Sporty Subaru WRX

Many prefer the practicality of a sedan for the comfortable seating that the larger vehicle provides. However, a sedan need not look like something past generations have owned. The sporty look of the WRX makes it more appealing with drivers who are more adventurous. We have the latest models in our Ramsey Subaru of Des Moines inventory. Stop by and take a test drive.

The exterior of the WRX comes in your choice of seven different colors. Smooth lines combine with sharp angles to create a sportier appearance. The front end features a hood scoop along with a lowered body…

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The Sweet Sound & Safety Features of Subaru Crosstrek

Subaru Crosstrek owns the compact crossover class. It cuts a dashing figure on the road, handles smoothly, has a bunch of power, boasts advanced safety features and a premium sound system. Here at Ramsey Subaru of Des Moines we can't restrict Crosstrek's appeal to one or two features, but we discuss and marvel at these features nevertheless.

Pro Sound by Harman Kardon

Harman Kardon is globally renowned for its superb, pro-quality sound systems. It makes perfect sense that Crosstrek has such a built-in sound system. Harman Kardon's Clari-Fi Technology repairs the fidelity of 


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Interior Space Highlights the Subaru Ascent at Ramsey Subaru of Des Moines

When you visit Ramsey Subaru of Des Moines to shop for that next family car you might want to give strong consideration to the Subaru Ascent. This three-row SUV is among the most popular family cars that we offer. We think that is because Subaru knows what the modern family needs in a vehicle.

How about plenty of interior space? The ascent will seat seven people comfortably thanks to its third row. You can also opt to upgrade and include captain's chairs in the second row. This will give you more 

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How to Spot Exhaust Leak Warnings

Exhaust leaks happen when part of your vehicle's exhaust system has a hole or a defect. According to the service department at our Ramsey Subaru of Des Moines, your vehicle exhaust system consists of

  • Valve and piston
  • Manifold
  • Catalytic converter
  • Exhaust pipe
  • Muffler
  • Tailpipe

A hole or defect in any of these components can result in exhaust leaks. Here are the warning signs.

Signs of an Exhaust Leak

  • Check engine light: Depending on your vehicle, this light comes on whenever there are emissions problems.
  • Cabin odor: Your vehicle cabin smells like gasoline or a rotten egg.
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Brake Fluid Makes The Brakes Work

Brake Fluid Is A Hydraulic Fluid

To understand what hydraulic brake fluid is, you must also understand how brakes work.

How Does Brake Fluid Work Inside The Brakes?

Brake fluid works as a medium to transfer the power between the brake pedal and the brakes. When you press your foot on the accelerator pedal, you compress the brake fluid inside the brake master cylinder. When the master cylinder pressurizes, the brake fluid that fills the brake lines transfers the energy to the brake calipers that apply pressure to the brake pads
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Technology for Easy Entertainment in the Subaru BRZ

Driving should be as fun as it is convenient, and with the Subaru BRZ drivers in Urbandale can have both. This popular sports coupe features new technology that makes it easy for drivers to access whatever they need for entertainment and easy navigation.

Some of the most convenient technology features in the Subaru BRZ are the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. These allow drivers or passengers to easily connect their smartphones directly to the car so they can access any apps for music, podcasts, or navigation without hassle. These apps can all be viewed easily and 

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The Versatile Subaru Crosstrek

At Ramsey Subaru of Des Moines, we love connecting Urbandale, IA drivers like you with high-quality cars. If you need a versatile vehicle in a compact package, we submit you'll be quite happy with the Subaru Crosstrek. Now, we'd like to highlight why this compact crossover excites us.

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